learning with toys

Improving quality of learning through play

Wooden toys help in  enhancing the logic and reasoning power of the child along with the thought process. Wooden Toys help a child understand different shapes, weights, and volumes, and encourage little ones to use their brains and come up with innovative ideas to play.

Our Company

Designed and made in Uganda

Inove Labs is Ugandan Local manufacturer of high quality, safe and durable hands-on learning toys  for children under the age of 6 years. We are leading producers of children’s toys, serving our community for over 4 years. We partner with front runners in early childhood development and educational management across the globe to provide a wide range of solutions for educators, daycares and Early Childhood development centres. Our products are invariably sort after as they address problems with Early childhood education.

Inove represents innovation, creativity and ingenuity and labs stand as an open space for free thinking, exploration and growth.

Our toys are made from local resources and raw materials that are eco-friendly and safe ensuring a high quality of play for your child.

We are want  to make children innovative, creative and  it all stems from ingenuity.


CEO, Product developer 

Our Values

Our Guiding Principles


It’s what enables us to learn, and it’s how we iterate, adapt, and come up with fresh concepts.


We strive to work together so that each member contributes their unique strengths to achieve results that exceed the sum of their parts. 


It is the power of creative imagination or the ability to solve problems.


We strive to be known as the safety standard in our sector.


We strive to produce high-quality products that satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers


When we are committed, we get results, and that anything is really achievable when we are committed.

Our Products

Committed to Quality

We strive to produce high-quality products that satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers

Made from Natural materials

Youngsters can learn more about their world through the use of natural materials. They can experience various weights, odours, and sensations, adding a great deal more intricacy. This is a terrific way to give kids more flexibility to explore who they are.

Requires choice

Children might be challenged by the toys to make choices about how to perform tasks, such as assembling a wooden puzzle.

Can Be Manipulated

The toys may offer the greatest range of inventiveness while maximizing skill development. Children can and do build practically anything with these. It may be a lot of pleasure to observe how their thoughts develop.

Simple in Nature

The straightforward toys offer a variety of educational opportunities. Children can learn about diverse objects' shapes, colors, and how their parts fit together to make a whole.

Our Purpose

Why we do what we do 

Playing allows the little ones to explore new possibilities, gain insight, and be creative. In addition to creating new options through testing alternatives, playfulness helps children develop social coping skills for a happier life. We have all seen the joy in the children when they are deeply engrossed and engaged in play. Play is what kids do best. The best essential to a joyful life is an instrumental partner in learning. That’s what we strive for at Inove Labs. Making toys that make play more fulling to the children.